How to configure Avast 2015 to maximize speed

How to configure Avast 2015 to maximize speed

Lots of people will simply install Avast and leave it at that. The antivirus, however, is more than just an orange icon in your system tray. By spending a couple of minutes configuring the options, you’ll be able to consume less resources and increase privacy.

You might have an old PC, you might dislike your antivirus moving things around on you, or you might just want to turn off those annoying notifications. Whatever your issue is, Avast 2015’s options seem to have many of the answers.

In this video, we’ll show you a few options so that you can modify Avast 2015 to make it consume less resources and send you fewer notifications, while still maintaining a high level of security.

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Find the setting that suits you best

Avast is one of the most customizable antiviruses: you can configure just about any one of its multitude of tools. Play around with the options and find the best settings for your antivirus so that along with helping, it doesn’t hinder.

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