BlackBerry Messenger for Android gets shown on video

BlackBerry Messenger for Android gets shown on video

We already knew that BlackBerry Messenger was coming to Android and iOS some time this summer but we haven’t seen anything more than mockups of the app. Today, a video has leaked online of someone from demonstrating BBM for Android on video.

BlackBerry Messenger will be going up against some stiff competition from major players like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Google Hangouts, and many more. BlackBerry has done their best to replicate the functionality and interface of its BlackBerry Messenger app on its Z10 device. This is good for BlackBerry users moving to Android and terrible for Android users who are using BBM for the first time. On the features side of things, the app supports NFC abilities, free chat over data, and read receipts.

It seems that BlackBerry is nearing its targeted release date by the end of this summer. With summer’s end quickly approaching, Android and iOS users could be seeing BBM on their devices very soon.

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